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BM PENGUINS 01077546

BM PENGUINS 01077546
A PENGUIN peers at a camera on a tripod as its pal p,p,poses for a portrait in front. The abandoned camera was too much of a temptation for the curious birds who flocked around it to investigate. In another striking image a lone adult penguin waddles through a crowd of comical-looking fluffy brown chicks. Baby King penguins - or 'woolies' - are born with distinctive shaggy coats. The photographs from Antarctica are part of a series celebrating the career of wildlife enthusiast David C. Schultz. The American has spent years taking breathtaking pictures of the frozen landscape and its inhabitants. David, 55, has made seven trips to the continent where he fell for the charms of the flightless birds. During his last trip to an Emperor penguin colony in the Weddell Sea near Snow Hill Island, David spent up to ten hours a day with the animals.
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BM PENGUINS 01077546
penguins of Antarctica