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(PICTURED: GEORGE THE CAT.) - A cat who stands up has become the latest feline internet sensation... thanks to his super strong back legs. George the Munchkin-Exotic Short Hair cross perches on his hind legs when he is introduced to someone new, cant see the TV or just fancies a nose around. When his owner Andy Park posted a series of pictures on reddit and Instagram, commenters went crazy for the cute cat and now George has a growing fan base of thousands. ***MANDATORY BYLINE*** PIC FROM GEORGE2LEGS / CATERS NEWS AGENCY / ANIMAL PRESS *** Local Caption ***
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Autor Claus M.Schmidt
Pressemitteilung Katze
Fliegende Katzen ID154
Schneeleopard ID157876
Schneeleopard 2012 07
Katze schwimmt sich fr
Surfender Kater Kuli I
Katzenhotel Longcroft
Kaetzchen Schritt fuer
Mit Katzen wandern ID1
Zoo Katzen   Jeder Tag