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Kaffernbüffel ID12848

Kaffernbüffel  ID12848
(PICTURED: The chase gets faster and the lions accelerate to escape..) - Buffalo and lions are old enemies. On most occasions the lions are the hunters and the buffalo the prey but not this time! This incredible photoset shows a dramatic confrontation between a herd of African buffalo and a pride of lions but this time, it was the lions under attack. Tim Driman, the 67-year-old photographer from South Africa who captured the amazing scenes, said: In my experience, lions tend to be very wary of tackling buffalo unless they have a team in numbers and often still require a large male lion to administer the final coup de grace. Very often a large herd of buffalo will attract a pride of lions because theyre a good catch and the lions learn and specialise in killing buffalo. Theyre never far away!But in this unique sequence of images, the buffalo far outnumber the lions, giving them the confidence to become the hunters as opposed to their usual role as the prey. PIC BY TIM DRIMAN/ CATERS NEWS/ ANIMAL PRESS *** Local Caption ***
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Kaffernbüffel  ID12848
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Kaffernbüffel  ID12848
Kaffernbüffel  ID12848
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