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A GAGGLE of swans disappear against this snowy backdrop thanks to their beautiful white plumage. The stunning series of images were captured by Paul Mckenzie during a trip to Lake Kussharo in Japan. There early morning temperatures can plummet as low as -20C - but that didn't stop these swans foraging for a snack. Paul, who lives in Hong Kong, said: "Taking pictures when the temperature is so far below freezing is very tricky. "I often had to stop photographing after losing all feeling in my fingers. But the regal elegance of the swans against the often breathtaking backdrops made any discomfort worthwhile." The lake in Eastern Hokkaido in northern most part of Japan is surrounded by stunning mountains. The swans migrate from Siberia and Mongolia to spend the winter months on the lake, which is warmed by thermal activity. This warms the water helping keep pockets of it ice free, allowing the birds to thrive in the location despite the harsh conditions. 

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BM SWANS 01395500
Singschwäne am Lake Kussharo